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Enterprise-grade encryption and control for your push-to-talk network
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Private by Design

Just like two-way radio, Zello connects your team—but with much more control over who’s listening. 

Users can privately contact individuals or groups, or broadcast information to dynamic channels. Administrators decide who can connect to each channel, restrict contact lists, or even allow users to remain hidden on the network.

By default, messages and their associated metadata are stored on the users’ own devices. Administrators can even specify a timeframe after which messages will be automatically deleted, or disable conversation history entirely. Zello Work is based on the same technology that powers the popular Zello app, which has a reputation for privacy and reliability. However, Zello Work has its own infrastructure and is physically separate from the Zello network for consumers.

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Airtight Security

At every layer, Zello’s organization, technology and operations follow enterprise-grade security practices.

Channel communications are encrypted in transit, and direct messages are encrypted end-to-end, with 1024 bit RSA for identity, 256 bit AES for content, and TLS for traffic management. 

Zello runs on the IBM Cloud, which takes data deletion seriously. If residual drive data remains, the hardware is physically destroyed.

For critical security applications, Zello is also available for on-premise servers. All data can remain behind your corporate firewall, and can even utilize your Local Area Network to connect users without connecting to the internet.

Painless Governance

Settings are configurable at a granular level with the Management Console. For instance, administrators can specify the length of time each data type (voice, text, location, image) is stored on user devices.

Administrators can also create custom roles for each channel, with different permissions for different kinds of users. For instance, an administrator might set it up so that a user can listen but not talk, or only speak to users who have been assigned specific roles. Other settings include the ability to send alerts, or disconnect from the channel.

Onboarding a large number of new users at one time is quick and painless with SignOn Links and associated QR codes, which are valid for 48 hours.

With the Message Vault premium feature, all messages and their associated metadata can be stored and accessed centrally, making Zello activity thoroughly auditable.

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