About Us

We provide the world’s most widely deployed
Push-To-Talk software

Zello Work, the company’s app for work teams, is deployed by global and
small organizations alike in trucking, logistics, hospitality, retail, construction,
education, professional services, healthcare, and a dozen other industries.

And more than 150 million people on every continent use the company’s
consumer app, Zello, to connect one-on-one or enjoy a live group
conversation around shared interests.

We are all fascinated with the human voice

We understand that while people can be taught to text and email, we are genetically wired to talk.

We are passionately committed to unfettered voice communication everywhere, among friends and family, individuals and groups with ideas and convictions, or colleagues with roles and responsibilities.

And we are driven to enhance the power of the human voice in both professional and personal environments.

We have decades of app building experience

Zello’s 150 million users didn’t happen by accident. The company and its software are the products of an extraordinary and highly skilled team.

Bill Moore, Zello’s CEO, was Founder and CEO of TuneIn Radio, the hugely popular radio station streaming app. Zello’s Founder, Alexey Gavrilov, was a core member of the TuneIn engineering team.

Bill and Alex were joined at Zello by other key TuneIn players. And we’ve rounded out the team with distinguished software professionals in every role.


We are proud to call Austin home

Zello is headquartered in Austin, TX

Austin is a special place. It has a well-deserved reputation as the Live Music Capital of the World. It has a fast-growing and amazingly collaborative tech community. And it’s at the top of every list of The Best Places to Live.

All of this makes for an energetic, harmonious and very human work environment, a happy team and a rich talent pool to fuel our growth.