Zello Work for Developers

Push-to-talk for your application

Zello for Housekeeping Hospitality

Channel API and SDK

Connect to Zello channels.

Embed Zello channels into your app.

Create ad-hoc conversations on the fly with up to 10,000 users.

Use the Android, iOS, or web SDK, or create your own client with the API.

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Android SDK

Let your mobile users communicate while on-the-go.

Enable single sign-on. View Sample

Add a PTT button to your application. View Sample

Switch contacts automatically. View Sample

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Windows SDK

Create an integrated dispatch experience.

Build gateways to radios, SIP, PBX. View Sample

Design a customized UI experience. View Sample

Manage incoming calls for users.

Use in C++, or .NET applications with ActiveX.

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Management API

Manage users and channels from your application.

Integrate with Active Directory.

Create channels automatically from your application.

Build customized analytics using Cloud History Metadata.

Access from PHP, Swift, Objective C, Java, or C#.

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Zello-enable your Android phones

Add a PTT button to any Android device to appeal to the millions using Zello today.

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Make an accessory

Make every smartphone a push-to-talk device by creating Zello Optimized Accessories.

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