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For Business
For small to medium organizations who need a scalable and easy to manage PTT solution
per user/per month
per user/per month
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  • Unlimited channels
  • Live location tracking & maps Enables administrators and dispatchers to quickly determine a worker's location in the field to deliver them relevant information such as route changes or hazards in the area
  • iOS/Android/Win Mobile/PC availability
  • Management console (Web-based) Manage users, channels, and network and device settings from a central web based console
  • Live voice playback Messages are saved on your devices and can be replayed at any time.
Privacy & Security
  • AES 256-bit audio encryption Classified as the strongest level of encryption by the National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Encrypted data during transmission
  • Customizable user roles
Flexible Management
  • Crosslink Connect your network to any other Zello network
  • Radio Gateway Connect two-way radio users over any Wi-Fi or data plan
  • API/SDK access Allow your developers to customize your companies Zello experience
  • Universal data or WiFi network compatibility
Message Vault
$4.00 $3.40 per user/per month
Emergency Alerts
$2.00 $1.70 per user/per month
Premium Maps
$3.00 $2.55 per user/per month
For Enterprises
For large organizations with 500+ users
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  • All the features of Zello Work, plus:
Enterprise-grade Support
  • Dedicated implementation team Let our team ensure your deployment is successful
  • Dedicated customer support Dedicated account manager and technical support
  • Service Level Agreements Managed response time and uptime
More Flexible Deployment Options
  • Cloud & On-premise options Choose between hosting your network on our servers or in your own environment
  • Multi-network deployments Manage multiple networks for multiple locations, subsidiaries, or teams
Additional Compliance
  • Privacy and Confidentiality
  • HIPAA Compliance
Billing Convenience
  • Customized billing terms Billing terms and payment facilities customized for your business
  • Foreign currency billing Billing in your own currency
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"Training drivers to use Zello took all of 10 minutes” - CRMP
"The best service and App we've used." - Orlando All Trans

Better communication, smarter add-ons

Emergency Alerts
Message Vault
Premium Maps
Emergency Alerts
Send channel-wide emergency messages at the touch of a button. Emergency alerts help you stay safe and connected in critical situations with uninterrupted audio and location data sent to a dedicated emergency channel.
"We needed something reliable that we could use with our drivers all over the country to communicate our issues and better serve our customers."
Don Aye
YRC Freight
Message Vault
Save critical user communications, across all channels, directly into the cloud. Message Vault lets you quickly filter, download and play back audio, text, and picture messages directly from your management console.
“Zello has been invaluable. It was used for a conference with over 20,000 attendees as the primary means of communication between staff.”
Nick Duda
Premium Maps
Track the location of your workforce and their location history, while also receiving real-time traffic updates with Premium Maps, powered by Google Maps. With Premium Maps, administrators and dispatchers can determine the best routes for drivers, alert employees of hazards near their location, and analyze trip efficiencies using historical data.
“Live tracking tells our dispatching supervisors who is closest to a job."
Rob Petty
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"We have around 130 users on our Zello Work server over many departments. Service works perfectly on WiFi and cell data. One of our favorite features is the ability to play back messages at any time.”
Chris Maguire
W Hotels, Seattle
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