Access Messages Whenever You Need Them

Merge live conversations with persistent offline messaging
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Never miss a message, even if you get disconnected

While you’re online with Zello, your device works just like a two-way radio.

But unlike an ordinary radio, when you go offline, you’re not out of the loop. Any one-on-one conversations you miss will be played automatically once you reconnect.

When you set your status to busy, close the app, or tap push-to-talk in a different channel, Zello stores any incoming voice recordings and allows you to replay them once you’re ready.

With Zello, seamlessly blend real-time and asynchronous communication for maximum clarity and effectiveness.

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More than voice communications

Zello unites push-to-talk with all the functionality you’d expect from an instant messaging mobile app.

Live voice is at the heart of Zello, but with message history, every conversation becomes a collaborative workspace. Exchange information in the form of text or rich media like images and map positions.

Browse conversation history, and easily share and delete individual files. Texts indicate how many users received the message. In Settings, you can also specify storage maximums for audio and images.

Keep a database of all activity

With the Message Vault premium feature, store and retrieve all messages, alerts, and photos along with dates and timestamps. Content can be filtered by time, media type, channel, sender or recipient—all from within your Zello Management Console.

All conversation history is saved to the cloud or to your on-premise server for up to two years. It can also be exported from Message Vault for playback or analysis on other platforms.

Download content in full or selectively in the form of JPEG, MP3 and Text files, along with the metadata in CSV format.

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