Zello: Push-to-Talk App for Retail Teams

From inventory to storefront to sales floor, retail teams collaborate better using Zello.
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Retail staff are always on the go, so they need instant, reliable communication. But bulky, outdated radios don’t cut it, especially when staff already carry devices to scan items or check inventory. A modern push-to-talk app like Zello immediately cuts your communication costs and connects your staff, so they can focus on customer service. From warehouse employees and back office management to in-store sales associates, retail communication has never been so efficient.
Global PTT communication

Communicate Globally
Unlimited range and better connection lets you manage onsite while you’re offsite.

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Boost Productivity
Know exactly who is talking, limit worker downtime, and never miss a live voice transmission.

Zello Business PTT

Appear Professional
Sales associates communicate discreetly in front of guests with easy-to-use accessories, like headsets and earpieces.

“Zello allows my sales associates to communicate anywhere in the showroom, creating a quicker and more enjoyable sales experience for our customers.”
- Chad Simpson, Chief Information Officer at City Furniture
Benefitszello logo Carrier PTT Radio
Communications management via web-based Management Console
High quality, loud audio
Mix any carrier data or WiFi
Works with any smart device, including iPads & scanners
Compatible with accessories to appear professional
Replay messages later
Encrypted, private communication
Dedicated priority customer support

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Digital Transformation Made Easy

Retail store communication devices, such as two way radios, have existed for many years. Although the transition to a push-to-talk app can seem daunting, Zello easily integrates with network radios. Even better, a dedicated support representative will assist anytime with onboarding, training, and more.

Learn more about how a popular Florida retailer phased out two-way radios for an iPad with Zello.
Zello on devices
Shared devices charging station

Shared Devices for Shift Workers

Using a pool of shared devices for shift workers is a popular way to save money and simplify user management. However, it can be hard to tell who is using a particular device, and the history of communication persists across shifts, causing privacy concerns. Our Shared Device feature requires shift workers to enter their name, and take a selfie to begin their shift. When a worker’s shift is over they simply go to the menu and select "End Shift". Once the shift has ended, all data, including the employee’s name, picture, and messages, is cleared.