Extend and Improve your LMR Push-to-Talk Solution

Combine your current LMR solution
with Zello's Push-to-Talk app using a Radio Gateway
Push to Talk LMR Setup
Update outdated LMR setups with a radio gateway to connect two-way radio users over any Wi-FI or data plan.
Push to Talk How it Works

Install the Zello PC app on a computer


Connect a computer to radio gateway


Connect gateway to your current 2-way radio channel

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"I'm using Zello as a bridge between my phone and our LMR system. Love being able to listen and talk from practically anywhere."
- Joshua Brinker, Emergency Medical Technician at Franklin County EMS
Zello Channels PTT

Always connected
Offsite or without a radio, managers can reach anyone they need to on a gateway-augmented two-way radio channel.

Radio tower icon

All Radio Technologies
Interconnect conventional and trunked analog FM, ETSI DMR, ETSI TETRA, MotoTRBO, APCO P25 FDMA, and NXDN.

Zello Business PTT

Cost Effective
Zello gateway setup only takes a few hours and costs the same as adding a new user to your network.

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