Zello: Push-to-Talk App for Hospitality Teams

From front desk to housekeeping to maintenance, hospitality teams collaborate better using Zello.
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Instant, reliable communication is essential to providing guests with the best possible experience. A modern push-to-talk app like Zello runs alongside of task management software, like HotSOS and Alice, minimizing devices and cutting communication costs. Take your hotel’s efficiency and guest response time to the next level with the leading hospitality push-to-talk app.
Solve communications problems

Adopt with Ease
Staff with any technical background can easily use Zello's intuitive push-to-talk screen.

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Boost Productivity
Respond to guest requests quickly and reliably – staff never miss a message with Zello's message playback function.

Professional PTT Network

Appear Professional
Hotel staff communicate discreetly in front of guests with easy-to-use accessories, like bluetooth headsets and earpieces.

"Zello optimized operations at our property. If you can't serve the guest, then what's the point?"
- Jim DeVore, Wyndham Hamilton Park
Benefitszello logo Carrier PTT Radio
Central management via web console
Mix any carrier data or WiFi
Runs next to HotSOS/Alice
Works on any smart device, including iPads
Compatible with accessories
Staff appear professional in front of guests
Replay messages later
Dedicated priority customer support

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App for push-to-talk hospitality

Run Zello next to HotSOS/Alice

Hospitality staff already carry devices for task management. Why not use those devices for radio-style communication? Zello runs next to apps like HotSOS and Alice on any smart device, making two-way radios obsolete. With better communication, your staff can focus on guest experiences and improving your reviews.

Learn more about how a leading hotel saved 75% on recurring communications costs by switching to Zello.

Equip Workers with a Panic Button

Some states have passed laws that require hotels to provide their workers with a panic button. With Zello Emergency Alerts, hotel staff simply press a button to send an audio recording and their location with high priority to a designated emergency channel. This overrides other communication and immediately shares the nature and location of an emergency to those that need to know.
Zello Emergency Alerts