Zello for First Responders

The award-winning software and push-to-talk solution
100% free for eligible emergency dispatch and first responder organizations
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Robust solutions for demanding organizations

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Emergency dispatch software for organizations primarily focused on responding in emergency situations, like police and fire departments, emergency medical services, etc.
Global PTT communication
Enterprise-grade push-to-talk solution available worldwide on iOS and Android in 22 languages
Shield of support
Includes free access to Zello Work, dedicated customer support, and all premium features
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Unlimited users and/or LMR gateways to fit any size organization (LMR gateway configuration assistance provided by gateway vendors)

Program Fundamentals

Who can participate?
Participants in our free emergency response software program must have 51% or more of activities in support of emergency situations: firefighters, police, sheriff and state troopers, search & rescue, ambulance (emergency transport only), EMT, paramedics, etc.
Participants can be non-profit or for profit
Participants can be located anywhere in the world
What does “free” mean?
Participants get full access to the Zello Work cloud solution
All premium add-on features included
Unlimited users and/or gateways
Free for 5 years and automatic renewal annually (essentially free “forever”)
Zello reserves the right to cancel the program with 90 days notice
What is NOT free?
On-site server version of Zello
Radio gateway technical support - provided by the gateway vendors
Support service level agreement
"Zello has been the perfect solution for providing seamless and instant communication when seconds count."
- Joshua Brinker, Emergency Medical Technician at Franklin County EMS

Joining the Zello for First Responders Program

Applying to the program is a simple two-step process. Follow the steps below to apply.

Step 1: Create a Network
If your organization doesn't already have a Zello network, the first step is to create one. Please click on the link below to create a Zello network for your organization.
Step 2: Fill out Application
We need some information to determine your eligibility for the program. Please follow the link below to complete a Google Form where we collect this additional information.

Applications are reviewed by Zello and processed in the order they are received. If approved, you will receive an email welcoming you to the Zello for First Responders program to get started using our emergency responder app.

Where did the Zello For First Responders program come from?

The Zello for First Responders program was born out of necessity. Millions of people around the globe use Zello to connect with live voice. During natural disasters, they organize and collaborate on Zello to help save lives. More than just EMS radio, our solution can be tailored to fit any emergency response organization.

The mission extends from supporting our communities during natural disasters to keeping people safe on a day-to-day basis with First responder dispatch apps and software. At Zello, we want to do our part to support this noble mission.

Budget constraints should not prevent first responders from saving lives, so we made the decision to make the full Zello emergency response software and push-to-talk solution free for all first responders worldwide.
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