Zello: Push-to-Talk App for Construction Teams

From field workers to drivers to dispatch supervisors, construction teams communicate more efficiently using Zello.
Desktop displaying Zello Management Console and rugged device with Zello talk screen
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For construction workers, effective communication is critical for keeping everyone safe, completing projects on-time and staying on budget. They can’t be distracted by complicated apps while on noisy job sites and roads. Zello is the most trusted and easiest to use push-to-talk app on the market. It works with rugged devices and can be customized to perform optimally in your specific work environment.
Global PTT communication

Communicate Anywhere
Unlimited range provides global communication – distance between team members is no longer an obstacle.

Transportation push to talk accessories

Choose Hardware
Modernize your construction communication with Zello & hardware partners like Honeywell, Sonim & Telo.

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Boost Efficiency
Ensure workers have the latest information for their job sites and routes – never miss an important live voice transmission.

"Zello has always been a very reliable integration partner, and their technology has always been very stable."
- Thomas Sunderland, Trimble Construction Logistics
Benefitszello logo Radios Carrier PTT
Communications management via web-based Management Console
Unlimited range (WiFi & data)
Works with any network & device combination
Replay messages later
High quality, loud audio
Works with rugged devices & accessories
Live location tracking
New Dispatch Hub available
Dedicated priority customer support

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Dispatch Hub

Dispatch Hub improves the efficiency of your operation by immediately connecting drivers to the first available dispatcher.

Dispatchers automatically share the call load as driver requests enter a queue. That means faster response times, fewer missed calls, and work stays on time.

In dispatch channels, drivers speak only to dispatchers, who reply back to each driver individually. Your fleet has immediate access to all dispatchers without distracting other drivers in the channel.

Dispatch Hub includes map functionality, so you can see where your trucks and workers are, giving managers more insight and the ability to alert the team of route changes, estimated time of arrival, and potential hazards in their location.
Desktop showing Dispatch Hub and rugged device showing Zello talk screen
Zello Emergency Alerts on rugged device

Emergency Alerts

When emergency situations arise, getting help to team members quickly and efficiently can be the difference between life and death. Zello’s Emergency Alerts feature equips your workers with a panic button.

When an accident occurs, users push Zello's Emergency Alert button to transmit a high priority alert, including location data, to a designated emergency channel.

Zello pinpoints the location of the worker using live GPS maps, allowing for a fast response time.