Emergency Communications

Keep your team safe with reliable push-to-talk technology
Zello's Premium Maps on a desktop and Emergency Alerts on a rugged device

Long-range clarity, with or without a strong signal

Zello is designed to make optimal use of whatever network resources are available.

Even if phone towers are down and radio waves are saturated with other signals, Zello cuts through loud and clear, using low-bandwidth 2G connectivity if it has to.

Having a push-to-talk app in your pocket means access to instant or replayable voice communications, text, location and media sharing in one place.

With the help of a gateway, you can even integrate Zello into your existing LMR system and completely eliminate dead zones.

In emergency situations when communications are truly critical, Zello is your dependable partner.

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Persistent and Emergency Alerts

When acute problems arise, the speed of the response and the quality of the information it’s based on can dramatically change the outcome. 

In such situations, your team members can simply press a button from any Zello talk screen on their mobile device to initiate emergency mode. This immediately sends the user’s location and 10 seconds of uninterrupted audio to the dedicated emergency channel.

While emergency mode is active, messages and calls in the emergency channel take precedence over all other communications. Frontline and remote workers will have peace of mind knowing that their calls for help will never go unnoticed.

In less acute situations, team members might want to quickly get the attention of a specific user or channel. By pressing the alert button, users can request an urgent response by sending loud and persistent notifications, or notify an entire channel with a one-off alert.

Simpler tools, safer practices

In many cases, Zello can perform better than dedicated safety hardware like panic buttons, two-way radios, and recording devices. In other cases, it can supplement the functionality of such equipment.

Zello gives your frontline or remote workers access to these tools from the smartphones they use every day, drastically reducing the total burden of training, maintenance, and carrying too many devices.

Radio frequencies can be intercepted. Messages sent through Zello are secure. They are stored on your own device, not on Zello’s servers, and all conversations are fully encrypted end-to-end.

Zello can be used on either a company-issued or personal device. For safety purposes, the features of an ordinary smartphone such as its flashlight, camera, and large and highly-responsive touchscreen are all advantages to a team member, not to mention their likely familiarity with their own device.

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