Live Location Tracking

Coordinate your team and track your fleet from a map-based interface on desktop and share instant, live location between users
Live location tracking for desktop and mobile

Daily Operations, Tracked and Visualized

Real Time Location Tracking allows you to track your Android and iOS users from the Map in the Zello Management Console. No need for a separate GPS tracker.

Search for the location of specific team members by username, or select them directly from the map.

Configure live location tracking update intervals to suit your needs – from five seconds to precisely track movements on foot, up to five minutes to save battery life.

Quickly identify inactive team members with color-coded status indicators.

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Push-to-Talk From the Map

Selecting a team member pulls up a mini dashboard with their real time location and information about battery life, current speed, and the last time the system received a location update from the device.

From their live location dashboard, you can also click ‘talk to user’ to immediately select them in the Zello Push to Talk App, allowing you to streamline communications with every team member.

With Premium Maps enabled, you can even bring up 180 days of location history for that user.

Configure and Extend Tracking Functionality

Selectively enable or disable live location tracking for individual users, or for the entire network, from the central management console.

Use the API to send all location tracking data to other software for further analysis, or to automate your operations.

Enable the ‘Premium Maps’ add-on to get live contextual information and traffic updates from  Google.

Success Story: Delaware County Emergency Services

Delaware County Emergency Services turns to Zello for dynamic communications