Integrate with Current Systems

Realize your ideal communications architecture by combining extant equipment and software with Zello
Radio gateway, rugged device with Zello and traditional radio

Connect Zello to your LMR system through a simple gateway

With just basic desktop hardware, you can merge Zello with your traditional radio network, giving your LMR system global range and eliminating gaps in coverage.

This setup allows smartphone and two-way radio users to seamlessly communicate on the same channel.

Any and all push-to-talk technologies you might deploy, whether conventional, trunked analog, or network radio, can be interconnected through Zello. Phones, walkie talkies, and desktop computers can all transmit and receive information through the service.

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Install Zello on Network Radios

Many modern push-to-talk devices use the Android operating system and have the ability to connect to a cellular or wi-fi network.

Zello can be installed directly on the vast majority of these types of radios, including those that don’t feature a screen.

This configuration gives administrators control over a network of specialized devices designed for working in demanding or noisy environments, or while driving.

Develop your own software

With the Zello API, developers can embed push-to-talk channels into their own applications, or create a bespoke version of the Zello user app for any platform.

Create an integrated user experience tailored to your organization’s needs, with single sign-on, PBX integration, call management and a custom interface.  

Develop your own management console, integrated with Active Directory or your analytics platform

Manufacturers can even use the API to optimize their hardware for Zello.

Success Story: YRC Worldwide

Large freight company cuts costs and increases options with Zello